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Benefits of having a Professional Website Designer

Your website is your 24 hour salesperson. If created correctly, your website can generate big numbers in sales for your business. Over 80% of customers choose a business based on whether they like the website. With that being said, it's important that your website is created professionally.

Let's get started and talk about what it takes to have a successful website.

You will need an understanding of how websites work and the purpose they serve.

Yes. There are do-it-yourself #website companies that offer software for you to create a website in less than an hour but I guarantee if you don't know much about websites you will not see results. If your company or brand needs a website it's best to do it right. There is so much competition out there in all industries so you want to make sure you are standing out. Your website has the ability to make your business look amateur or professional.

You will need an eye for design

Understanding color patterns, text and picture placement, font rules, and overall design structure is important when successfully designing a website. People are visual creators so you will need to understand what will make people react to your website in a positive way.

You will need to invest time

For a basic 5-7 page website created with a pre-laid out #template, it will take about 15-20 hours on average if done correctly. You will need to do the design, content writing, editing, page SEO, domain management, #social media connection, contact email funnel, and keyword connections. You also want to make sure you are creating a website that is responsive to all devices such as mobile, tablet, and computer. You will need to go in and design each device view.

So yes, if you want a website that will produce the results that you want it maybe wise to invest in having your #website done professionally. A website is an extremely beneficial investment to make because it is the face of your business 24 hours a day.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Visit to find out how we can partner with you to make your brand & business soar.

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